Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring 2014 Zoya Polishes!

I took advantage of the Get 3 Free promotion Zoya was having a few weeks ago and they congratulated me with yet another offer.  Because I have an addiction to nail polish, I took advantage of this offer early this morning...Zoya knows this...and now I need another Helmer...

Anyway, the deal was purchase 2 polishes from their Awaken or Magical Pixie spring line and get the "Monet" topper for free.

Need I say how long it took me to decide on 2 colors?  I didn't think so.

I ultimately decided on Hudson and Lux.  I can't pass up a purple polish and look at the sparkle in Lux!  I think these fall into the "Edible" category...

A bit of geometry and steampunk...

I'm a little slow with this stuff.  I'm going to put the blame on my career as a mommy and speech therapist.  I only moonlight as a wannabe photographer and polish blogger.  That also explains with this is only my 4th post!  SHAME SHAME SHAME!  Maybe I should change my blog name to Procrastinate and Polish...hmmm...

I should be writing progress notes right now but the truth of the matter is, I can't focus on work outside of work.  So, I'm going to have fun posting pictures of recent manis instead!

First we have a fun little number I did one evening.  The solid grey creme is "Mona" from Julep with a textured pinky in "London" from Zoya's Pixie Dust line.  I used Cheeky plate CH14 stamped with Lacquer Lust's "Pink Tourmaline".  To finish it all up, I added a rectangular stud from Winstonia Store.  This was my first ever attempt at a "skittlette" (courtesy of Marta from Chit Chat Nails).  I kinda' loved it!

Geometric Skittlette much?
Next up is yet another skittlette-esque number that was inspired by Instagrammer @mrslochness and her fabulous stamped manis.  The base color is "Padma" from Julep, a deep violet color with a subtle shimmer.  I stamped with "Tawakkol" from Mentality Polish using Bundlemonster plate BM-415.  The stud is yet another stud from Winstonia Store. This is truly my favorite so far!

Steampunk Spinners

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Dream Come True with Pipedream Polish

Every now and then I come across a polish that is just so beautiful that it falls into my category of "I Would Eat This If I Could" polishes.  I placed an order with Pipedream Polish about two weeks ago, one bottle each of Red Light, Green Light, and Little Bright Things.  All three of these polishes fall into that crazy category.  

First off we have Green Light. From Pipedream's Etsy shop description, Green Light is "made up of holographic teal and silver glitter in a dark teal green jelly base."  I posted a slightly out-of-focus shot so you can see the beautiful sparkle that comes through in this polish.  It was an absolute pleasure to apply, too.  Below you have 2 coats, with SV topcoat.

Next up is Red Light. From the Etsy shop description, Red Light is "made up of holographic pink, silver, and purple glitter in a red jelly base."  Again we have a slightly out-of-focus shot to see the sparkle.  Just like it's green counterpart, it went only smoothly, no bubbles or shmutz.  Two coats plus topcoat.

And last but not least, my favorite of the three...Little Bright Things, which is "made up of multicolored micro flakies with blue green and purple micro iridescent glitter in a clear base."  Here's my description: A concoction of ridiculously beautiful glitter that transformed this "meh" color into nail magic.  I want to put this polish on EVERYTHING.  Below is one coat over OPI Miss You-universe.  My ring finger was stamped with a Cheeky plate using Color Club Eternal Beauty.  I was planning on doing something different for New Year's Eve, but I really can't bring myself to take this polish off! 

Up close and personal with a little bit of LBT magic:

You can bet your panties I'm going to be investing in the new polishes from the Glitterandom set.  Anyone reading this should, too!