Monday, December 30, 2013

A Dream Come True with Pipedream Polish

Every now and then I come across a polish that is just so beautiful that it falls into my category of "I Would Eat This If I Could" polishes.  I placed an order with Pipedream Polish about two weeks ago, one bottle each of Red Light, Green Light, and Little Bright Things.  All three of these polishes fall into that crazy category.  

First off we have Green Light. From Pipedream's Etsy shop description, Green Light is "made up of holographic teal and silver glitter in a dark teal green jelly base."  I posted a slightly out-of-focus shot so you can see the beautiful sparkle that comes through in this polish.  It was an absolute pleasure to apply, too.  Below you have 2 coats, with SV topcoat.

Next up is Red Light. From the Etsy shop description, Red Light is "made up of holographic pink, silver, and purple glitter in a red jelly base."  Again we have a slightly out-of-focus shot to see the sparkle.  Just like it's green counterpart, it went only smoothly, no bubbles or shmutz.  Two coats plus topcoat.

And last but not least, my favorite of the three...Little Bright Things, which is "made up of multicolored micro flakies with blue green and purple micro iridescent glitter in a clear base."  Here's my description: A concoction of ridiculously beautiful glitter that transformed this "meh" color into nail magic.  I want to put this polish on EVERYTHING.  Below is one coat over OPI Miss You-universe.  My ring finger was stamped with a Cheeky plate using Color Club Eternal Beauty.  I was planning on doing something different for New Year's Eve, but I really can't bring myself to take this polish off! 

Up close and personal with a little bit of LBT magic:

You can bet your panties I'm going to be investing in the new polishes from the Glitterandom set.  Anyone reading this should, too!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why, Hello "Glistening Snow"...

I've been searching for you forever.  At last, I've found you and have you all to myself.  

Yes.  I bought two.  
They need company to avoid loneliness.

KB Shimmer "Witch Way" with "Glistening Snow" accent nail.  
Shimmery glisteny fabulousness.

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

This past week was a tough one.  I was a hot mess because of back pain.  I missed 4 days of work.  Yet, despite all of my pain, there was one thing that made me very happy.  That thing was nail polish.

I had plans to start a blog a while ago, but I thought, "Who the hell am I kidding?"  I'm not a qualified beauty blogger by any means.  I don't know all of the terms, I don't know half of the brands out there, and I don't have time to dedicate myself to consistently testing and reviewing the cosmetics I buy for myself.  But there are two things I do consistently...I take pictures and I polish my nails.  

In fact, I take so many pictures that I look like an insane tourist.  And my love affair with nail polish is so strong that I've been known to change my polish so that it coordinates with the outfit I'm wearing on any given day.

There aren't many people who are entertained by my manicures and I feel like a loon shoving my hands in the faces of family members and unsuspecting co-workers.  I found a great outlet for my manicure mania on Instagram.  I had no idea that there was such an enormous community of nail polish and nail art enthusiasts!  So I started taking pictures of my manicures with my Canon Rebel 4 and posting them on IG.  Slowly but surely my audience is growing and I'm so happy that I could dance around in little circles.

I decided to share my love for lacquer in blog form, as well.  Nice, BIG pictures of my fingertips and a little bit of my crazy commentary to go along with them (plus it's much easier to type on a full sized keyboard than it is on a b.s. iPhone keyboard).  

So here's a few pics to get things moving...

 2 coats of "Skin of the Night" over 2 coats of "Creative Fantasy" 
Black Cat Lacquer & China Glaze

 2 coats of "Enthrall"
Revlon Brilliant Strength

2 coats "Kim & Jesse" over 1 coat of a pink polish that has a 
weird name that I can't remember at the moment.
2 coats of "Sunshine" on the accent nail
Zoya Pixie Dust & Black Cat Lacquer